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The vegetable sculpture in L’Atelier de Santi

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Plant fantasy

The vegetable sculpture, project in process, is a fantasy in time. With this it is my desire that nature colonize the art of sculpture. Like the corals and marine fauna do in shipwrecks, and wild flora in the ruins. Something very romantic if we go back to Jonh Ruskin. The result is a work between the artist and nature. Where does imagination and fantasy end and the real and possible begin? This is something that Julio Verne should ask.

I prefer the natural element to the preserved one. In my opinion, it is not about doing something finished because nature is in constant transformation and development. That is why the process never ends. I put a mesh so that nature, in its development, leave and mark its mark. In this case I interact with the plants and the plant world hoping that they empathize with the model.

Vegetable sculpture, fake Malabar seal

Vegetable sculpture, fake Malabar seal

Leaving unfinished and indefinite works is a way of transmitting life. If something is stopped in time, it is dead. Goya and his saying “time also paints”, Rouseau, Ruskin, and many other artists, are in the line of involving nature in art.

The base, the origami

Vegetable sculpture is inspired by origami. Masters like Kasahara, Clemente, Palacios, Caboblanco, Fernández, etc., They have been my references in learning this magical, simple and humble art. With the essential origami, a sheet of paper and with imagination, anyone can develop and design simple motifs and models. But, therefore, surprising.

Vegetable sculpture, palette of different models of folding in mesh

Vegetable sculpture, palette of different models of folding in mesh

Models of these origami masters and others models created by me have been a source of inspiration in this project. With them I have developed a mesh base on which to “paint” with organic matter, more specifically in vegetable concrete.

Brontosaurus prototype in mesh and plastic to colonize

Brontosaurus prototype in mesh and plastic to colonize

For this, among other options, it’s possible implement substrate between the last folds as a tepes and also combine with the traditional crop, and / or with some hygroponic system. Also some models have a base as a pedestal. This works like an inverted pot in which it is possible to sow climbing, crawling, etc. Depending on the case, several techniques can be combined.

Alliance of vegetable sculpture with gardening and botany

Plant sculptures are inspired by topiary art. As a reference and preference there are many parks and artistic gardens. Vertical gardens in Madrid (Caixaforum), Bilbao (Plaza de Levante, San Ignacio), among many others. Parks of topary art like in San  de Valdeiglesias in Madrid, and parks like the Botany Garden of Montreal.

Vegetable sculpture "Pupi" mascot of Guggenheim Bilbao

Vegetable sculpture “Pupi” mascot of Guggenheim Bilbao

The third dimension is offered to the selected plant species to its extent. They will provide the fourth dimension in the form of empathy. About this the Dr. Francis Hallé has much to tell us.

In this project it is important to choose the appropriate species for each case, form and place. Climbers, crawlers, blankets, etc., They are characteristics to take into account for the realization of the vegetal sculpture. It is the color palette with which the polychromy will be applied and will give a characteristic look to the origami shape. The combination of shapes and colors is as diverse as in nature. And so we keep on imitating her! Because she, Nature, is the true inspirer of being human. In this project I leave the flora also an important part in the realization of the work (in coordination with the gardener or botanist, of course).

Vegetable sculpture, palette of species, Dichondra, Dianthus, Thymus, Campanula

Vegetable sculpture, palette of species, Dichondra, Dianthus, Thymus, Campanula

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