Wall decor

The possibility of having the opportunity, the resources, the creativity and the space-time necessary to overcome the challenges that are proposed, is what most fills an atelierista artist.

The professional activity of L’Atelier de Santi has also been developed in areas such as artistic, pictorial and sculptural reproduction. As has been the mural decor and the rehabilitation of cultural property, more specifically in the field of painting.

The realization of mural decor work, both for individuals and for companies and public institutions present several simultaneous challenges. In some cases the artistic and restorative work also overlap. The reintegration of almost lost old models requires in some cases a certain degree of recreation. But this intervention is always subject and limited by the criteria of respect and differentiation with the original.

Particular wall decor

More creative and artistic are the purely decorative and artistic murals. In this case, the sketch and prior planning are requirements to carry out the task. Reproductions, recreations and thematizations for public and private works are also a challenge for ingenuity. Both in the field of painting and sculpture, that is, in plane or in volume.

Three years of training at the Fastasma cartoon workshop school, by Emilio Luzán. The realization of interleaving and occasionally animation works, for video games and animated series (in the Millimeters and Estudio Moro studios in Madrid). I work in my own workshop and in collective workshops. All this has been an incentive to experience in this field of wall decor. Well, the plane and the volume must be combined. The depth, the different planes, the perspective, the dark light, etc. All this and more, are tools that the mural decoration maker can combine for his particular finish.

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