Origami courses

From the traditional models, through the models of the masters and referents, to the designs of their own creation, the universe of imagination that is generated in the practice of origami has no limits.

Session in the Honorary Library of Castro de Borja, Zaragoza

The Origami Course in L’Atelier de Santi is totally practical and in each session concrete figures are worked on within a thematic program that will go from the most basic figures, including all the basic folds, to the most complex ones, but always within the essential origami, which involves a greater ease by having fewer folds in its realization. For this, the monitor simultaneously performs with the participants the figures that are determined according to a diagram that is being explained and followed in practice.

The workshop “Go paper! Creative origami ”, desined by L’Atelier de Santi, falls within the discipline indicated as “ Audiovisual Creation”. Because it combines the creation of origami figures and their animation in an audiovisual production (short cartoon, video clip, short documentary, etc.), in an experience where the artisanal realization of cinema is combined with the art of origami. The development of creativity and teamwork are the foundations of this activity.

Various origami flower models

During the Origami Thematic Workshop, L’Atelier de Santi teaches and shows a specific production (“Nativity Scene” and Christmas decorations for Christmas, “Masks and accessories” for carnivals, “Flowers” for a floral exhibition in spring, Father’s Day and the Mother, Peace Day, Valentine’s Day, etc., and scenery depending on the events to be covered, etc.). For this, L’Atelier de Santi takes into account the relevant moment for the subject with which they are working, and traditional, own and / or figures or author figures are made, which will be easy and affordable to fold and conclude in the session of certain time.

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