Street activities (workshops and exhibitions)

In the street activities it happens that the little walker meets the surprise first, with the curiosity later, and finally, if he is restless, he cannot give in to the temptation to participate in the experience.

In the street activities offered by El Atelier de Santi for events, fairs, parties, etc., art and leisure have a place within a collective and participatory activity.

For example, the Origami Street Workshop. Where all who attend learn in situ and practice the first steps to make paper figures. Simple and elegant shows on a stage with a colorful collection of models. They work as motivation and attraction to anyone who likes the art of origami and is curious about this activity. The activity besides being participatory is familiar, where parents and children can act together in the elaboration and folding of their respective models. Always assisted by the folding monitor, which accompanies the activity with on-site demonstrations.

Taller de papiroflexia gigante

The giant origami workshop is also offered. Here the possibility of having a fun time is offered by collective creation of large-size or life-size origami models. For which a manufacturing and folding process will be followed that will be choreographed by the master of ceremonies who is the folding monitor. Subsequently the resulting model (s) will be decorated and painted or themed by the participants, preferably children and young people who find motivation in this activity.

Exposición temática

Set design at fairs and events. The exhibition at fairs and events with origami samples in reference to the theme of the event being held, gives a color note. It is an attraction that accompanies with great originality and differentiation the content of said event, fair or party.

It can also function as a set that adapts to the theme of the event giving emphasis and color.

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