Origami en

From 2D until 3D trought of ilusion

The discovery of origami was for me how to discover another dimension, creative and disturbing in the good sense of this word. From 2D to 3D through illusion, means that’s it’s magical to experience how from the plane of the paper we are able to raise figures and models. Even create imaginary figures like when designing with pencil “ingenius” that can then be modified and improved. It is also the beginning of an original idea that becomes a method and can be reformed again.

From the traditional models, through the models of the masters and referents, to the designs of their own creation. The universe of imagination that is generated in the practice of origami has no limits.

Personally L’Atelier de Santi have opted almost always for the folding of real figures I have invented, but without ruling out the modular and effect option. And mainly because of the essential style, which I have as a reference to the teacher Kunihito Kasahara. And to which I recommend in my courses and workshops, because it has very didactic and enjoyable publications.

Origami not only brings us the enjoyment of its learning and creation, it also offers us a variety of applications and uses.

Practicing the activity of origami leads to discover multiple possibilities and applications, product of folding and folding different materials. Or, starting from traditional models, transforming them and changing them towards more appropriate models for the purposes we want to achieve.

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