An architectural fake can be treated as a trap, as it was in the following case. In Peralta de Alcofea (Huesca) a house had to be demolished due to urban planning. The company responsible for making the demolition, Hidroman S.L., proposed to repair the wound by carrying out a “trampantojo” in the resulting meridian wall.

Before and after demolition

This proposal of Hidroman S.L. Almudevar (Huesca) was transferred to The Santi’s Workshop to make the relevant sketches.

Ideal sketch

In principle, an ideal design was made without knowing the format or the original measurements of the wall to be covered. The initial idea was to give continuity in the form of architectural pretense to the existing facade.

Various and definitive sketches

Already with the measures and defined format the sketches were happening with the proposed modifications. In almost all cases were changes of position of the elements chosen for the composition given the synthesis and decorative function of the work .. With the assistance and direction of the Hidroman S.L. and of the architect D. Eduardo Cuello, who among other modifications suggested to pretend a tower attached to the painted facade, the final draft was determined.

Pencil proposal on photo

The work in the site

The work was done in ten days, including the rethinking of the composition on the wall and the color tests. As an anecdote, the work coincided with what was going to be the hottest week of the year, in the second half of June 2017. This together with the south orientation of the wall, where the fake was going to be painted, made us have to rethink the work schedule outside the central hours of the day.

Tower detail

Detail of the chapel for the niche

The execution of the work is carried out by Santiago Ortega, The Santi’s Workshop‘s property, and Jose Antonio Rodriguez with silicate paints. Using a scissor lift, which, unlike the possibilities of greater mobility offered by a scaffold, allowed us an overview of the entire wall, something we valued for the decorative nature of the work.