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Trompe-loeils in L’Atelier de Santi

L’Atelier de Santi site exhibit the “trompe-lœils“, that are the result of my admiration for the Baroque masters. At this time that I imitate in L’Atelier de Santi, the “trompe-l’œil”, or “trampantojo” in Spanish, is a habitual genre. Related to the still lifes and still lifes that were painted for the noble classes, in our days it has become a popular genre.

In L’Atelier de Santi compose “trompe-l’œils” in oil on various supports. They are elements of antique furniture that I restore and of which I retain its originality at the same time. The conservation of this material is ensured by the natural process of drying the wood. This wood doors, shutters, even shelves, has a lot of time and “trot.” The selection of materials was much more demanding in the past, thus avoiding future warping and cracking due to dilation and contraction and natural curing.

Poplars of rivera

Poplars of rivera

Watercolors in L’Atelier de Santi

In L’Atelier de Santi site Watercolors are a source of satisfaction in my relationship with nature and the natural landscape, where I seek constant inspiration with the “plain air” painting. Sharing the same air with the motif while I paint it helps me to enter into a dialogue with the landscape and turn L’Atelier de Santi into an “open atelier”. Trees, rivers, mountains and villages are the most represented motifs, because they are the result of my love for the countryside and the mountains. In general the love to nature, this’s a constant source of inspiration for every realistic and naturalistic artist.

Birth or Belen in origami

Birth or Belen in origami

Origami in L’Atelier de Santi

I discovered origami at the beginning of the 90s. Following a book by young teacher Eduardo Clemente, I discovered a new and attractive field for me. In L’Atelier de Santi is folding paper models of great masters that I have discovered, like for example K. Kasahara, P. Engel, N. Terry, D. Boursin, V. Palacios, F.J. Caboblanco, L. Canovi, V. Solórzano, and more that I am about to discover. For what I consider myself paper blender. But I also create my own figures and models, and practice with various materials and formats. Result of this practice are, among others, the Origami Thematic Workshop and the Giant Origami Workshop that take place in L’Atelier de Santi.

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