The same procedure was done to make the painting “Grandfather’s Things” deceive as much as the rest of the trompe-l’oeils. With the difference that makes the moment, a moment of nostalgia. It is clear in the result that it is a composition stopped in time. The “vintage” objects roll back the observer’s gaze to the past, at least they have told me so. And, it really was painted in a moment of memory and look back, but without personalizing. And objects speak in the composition of a past time, without more. But this generalization makes it reach all perceptions regardless of the assessment made of the time they represent. And in this fake paint they arrive, they feel and they feel, that is the intention of the author.

Different models for the representation of "Grandfather's Things"

Different models for the representation of this fake paint

Objects in the trompe-l’oeil “Grandfather’s Things”

The selection of the objects was due to the desire to be painted along with the opportunity for composition. Their vintage character, that of the objects that appear in “Grandfather’s Things”, in their context, gives them a more decorative than functional meaning. But their relationship with the author’s “close” past, and with the traditions and customs of recent times in general, gives them the leading character required for this work.

Cosas del abuelo, modelo y su representación

Model of the clock and its representation in “Grandfather’s Things”

Time and communications, represented by a bell clock and a letter with stamp and postmark. They are witnesses and victims of changes in customs and customs. The technological revolution has parked them on a shelf from where they speak of handwritten messages, closer but slower as well. And of a digital time that currently “flies”, but then it was slower, to analog blow and battery change.

Reasons in each case of the fake paint "Grandfather's things"

Reasons in each case of the fake paint “Grandfather’s Things”

Likewise, traditional medicine and home remedies have been allying in the past decades to extend the lives of our grandparents. And naturally, something that is represented in “Grandfather’s Things” on the lower shelves, with the masons and the bottle with homemade pomace.

The naturalism of the scene has worked very well together with the chosen support. Two old window shutters that were cleaned and stripped leaving the last rustic appearance. All with the intention of feigned realism of a naturalist fake paint.

The final photographs of the “Grandfather’s Things” fake paint made by     Jose Garrido Lapeña

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