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“Gazpacho”, an trompe-l’oeil of L’Atelier de Santi

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Trampantojo "Gazpacho"

El trampantojo “Gazpacho” arose out of necessity, by seasonal evocation. Something so related to the summer, fresh and refreshing, asked step as a theme to be painted in this shutter. The simplicity of the proposal corresponds to the simplicity of the recipe, and that is why I wanted this entry about the “Gazpacho” trampantojo to be very visual.

The spontaneity with which the theme emerged brings me back to bison and hunting pieces in primitive wall paintings. It’s about focusing on something that calls you a lot. You watch it, you study it, with a feline-like concentration that stalks your piece. In this case the piece is so nutritious and healthy that it appears full of light and color, because the ingredients demand it and the summer season too.

Design and painting in the trampantojo "Gazpacho", detail.

Design and painting in the trampantojo “Gazpacho”, detail.

Recipe I learned from my mother

In this work “Gazpacho” there is a point of naivety on purpose. And I take the opportunity to make a phrase mine that my sister sewed on a cross stitch, with her permission; “This work teaches you what I learned as a child.” Of course it also has to do with the author’s enthusiasm for this recipe, some call it inspiration. Recipe to the mother’s way of doing, and learned very easily by not intervening neither fires nor times. A fun and fresh way to eat vegetables and vitamins in a hot summer.

And there are many ways to prepare this recipe. As many as ways to paint and represent it. I have chosen a simple and suggestive composition at the same time. The ingredients of “my gazpacho”, together with the necessary utensils to execute it, appear behind a curtain of a checkered cloth widely used for table linen on the dining tables. The ice is missing, but it is not an obligatory ingredient.

Design and painting in the trampantojo "Gazpacho", detail.

Design and painting in the trampantojo “Gazpacho”, detail.

Development, composition, design, sketch, realization and painting of the trompel’oeil “Gazpacho”.

Design and painting in the trampantojo "Gazpacho"

Design and painting in the trampantojo “Gazpacho”

Photographs of the final paintings of the trampantojo “Gazpacho” by          José Garrido Lapeña

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