Animation and Origami WHAT A PAPER!


Animation and OrigamiWHAT A PAPER! is a workshop within the discipline of Origami, but which combines the skills of origami and animated video. One of the 100% practical workshops full of challenges and ingenuity.

Development of the content

The activity, totally practical, consists of the creation of characters, props and scenery using the art of origami. Following a short script, the selected script will be told in the form of an animation. The proposals will be simple and easy to understand for the participants. Adapted to the essential origami (less folds), with other proposals, music video clips, documentaries, etc. being considered as formats.

Animation and origami with Kunihito Kasahara's animated seagulls.

Animation and origami with Kunihito Kasahara’s animated seagulls.

Animation and origami with Kunihito Kasahara’s animated seagulls.

Target audience

Animation and origami is a course and workshop aimed at participants of all ages from 14 years old, but the ratio of young people from 14 to 30 years old makes the group more homogeneous for teamwork. This way of working is a fundamental practice. The most appropriate number of participants is between 5 and 10 participants per team.


The workshop will be held in Spanish (for other languages an interpreter will be provided).


The activity will be developed in three stages, following the procedure in an audiovisual production.

1-In the first stage (1/5 sessions) the provision of means, the cast and the planning of the work, including the storyboard, will be carried out.

2-In the following stages (3/5 sessions), the production itself will be carried out, including the creation of characters, scenery and the development of the script or shooting.

3-Finally, in post-production, the final layout will be carried out with the work done during the workshop according to the chosen format (1/5 sessions). The writer of this project will seek, optionally, the collaboration of digital editing professionals to finish off the final finish, this agreement being his or her total responsibility.

The filming will be carried out in the stop motion mode, with the simultaneous capturing of clips during the sessions prior to the editing as far as possible.

Proposed duration

The proposed duration of the course is three months with two one and a half hour sessions per week (36 hours in total). In the case of a more elaborate script, a six-month course with two two-hour sessions per week (48 hours in total) may be chosen. Both the duration and the format are negotiable in order to adapt them to the client’s needs.

Material requirements

A-The workshop must be held in a classroom-type room, with tables and chairs and a blackboard or/and a board where to explain and follow the work plan during the course and animation filming. It is necessary to provide a 5-6m2 open work area as a filming set with the option of natural light.

B-Clips will be captured on the set set up and prepared for this purpose with specific light and fixed camera. This material can be provided by the bidder. Also a computer, laptop or desktop, for the use of the group which, depending on needs, can be rented to optimise resources.

C- Copy paper and graphite pencils will be used for sketching and making the story-board. And paper of different types and colours, kraf, patent leather, pattern paper, etc., in the creation of the set and origami figures for the filming. Computer material is necessary, especially video editing software for the final editing process.

Animation and origami

Animation and origami

Complementary activities

It is the intention of the instructor and coordinator of this workshop, depending on the results, to promote and present the resulting video in animation festivals and meetings. And always in connivance with and in consultation with the client and participants. All of this with the aim of motivating the participants and adding value to the activity beyond the didactic and pedagogical aspects.

Animation and Origami with Snail and Caterpillar cycles

Animation and Origami with Snail and Caterpillar cycles

Company and resources

Santiago Ortega (El Atelier de Santi), the instructor of this workshop course, has sufficient knowledge and experience in the field of animation. He studied for three years at the Escuela Superior de Dibujo Profesional (1999-2002) when it was Escuela-Taller de Dibujo e Ilustración, in Madrid, under the direction of D. Emilio Luján, working later in the Moro and Milímetros Studios as an intercalator and occasionally as an animator in cartoon series and videogames. In the field of origami since 1990, when he became a fan, he is an assiduous folding artist and follower of the masters of this discipline, of traditional models and creator of his own models. He has given courses on Initiation to Origami in the network of libraries in Bilbao and Aragon and at various fairs and events.

In terms of material, he has all the necessary resources for this pioneering experience, a light table, animation pencils, scanner, camera, all kinds of paper, etc. And everything is very handmade, given the initiatory nature of the course, which aims to explain and combine the different aspects of the course.

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