The realization of a “trompe-l’oeil” follows the same process as an audiovisual production. That is, there is a first idea, topic on which a script is developed. Then a location for the scenery. And a story by way of composition or form that is given to the chosen theme. All this initial process is combined in the “story-board”, or idea drawn and developed in sketch.

Process of realization of yrompe-l’oeil “Sanitary Showcase”

In the realization for the Museum of Military Health of this “trompe-l’oeil”, after the first idea and its script, there was a selection or “casting” of the most suitable or suitable models according to the shape, size, color etc. This selection is decisive for the final composition. The parallelism between audiovisual and pictorial production is complete throughout the entire process. Test-essay in the first steps until you find the final aspect. The repetition of planes, in many cases with increasingly subtle and pointed changes.

Modelos utilizados

Example of some models used

During the “filming” of the pictorial work there are changes with respect to the initial composition. Changes suggested in many cases by the models themselves that combine in different ways according to light, size, local color, etc. In some cases they can add, adding effect, and in others subtract, damping intensity. That is why the selection of the models follows a criterion of affinity with the chosen theme. They should also help a varied observation, which generates complicity with the observer, a visual dialogue. And of course, in this “shoot”, the realism of the trompe-l’oeil plays a crucial role in the “artistic direction” and set design.

Contrast in the trompe-l’oeil

Within the same subject there must be opposite and opposite elements. Light and dark, colorful and gray, foreground and background, up and down, new and old. And this is what generates in the observer activity, the suggested reaction so that it is not indifferent. As in good cinema, regardless of the last and personal tastes.

Evolución de la obra

Evolution of the work

“Showcase sanitary”
Oil on wood (on old door)
Set 138’5x62cmts (2017)

Detalle de la obra

Bottom detail of “Showcase sanitary”

“Showcase sanitary”
Oil on wood (on an old cupboard door)
Pictures of the paintings by José Garrido Lapeña