Giant origami workshop



The totally practical activity consists of on-site realization by the monitor of large-sized traditional origami figures (paper folding). The public may participate in certain steps and following the instructions of the monitor.

The materials used will be reversible, recyclable and totally harmless.

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This activity is aimed in principle at participants of all types and ages from 8 years, as it is a collective and interactive activity.


The proposed duration of the activity is one continuous session of a minimum of three hours during a morning or afternoon, as determined.


– The workshop will be held in an open outdoor space, in the case of auxiliary furniture it will be available to the promoter.

– The voluntary participation of the public will be organized following the indications of the monitor.

– Both didactic and expendable material (folding materials) will be provided by El Atelier de Santi

– The resulting work does not abide by any intellectual property law, being freely available and always expressing respect for the honor of individuals and institutions.


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