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Costume jewellery and origami in L’Atelier de Santi

Costume jewellery and creative origami

Costume jewellery and origami is a relationship I came to after practising the diminutive folding of traditional figures. Something I came to because of a certain naturalistic mania. A horse and a cat are not the same as a dog and a rabbit. And above all because of their different sizes. So, on one occasion when I set out to make a naturalistic nativity scene, I was faced with the challenge of making the figures proportionate and to scale.

Eduardo Clemente's miniature piglet

Eduardo Clemente‘s miniature piglet

Of course, this can be done if the figures are somewhat basic, like many of the traditional ones, and do not have many folds. For example with the paper bow tie, some types of simple flowers, and even the paper crane. But any figure that can be miniaturised is suitable for this purpose. And combining the possible and suitable colours and materials is the next challenge.

Pendants and earrings

So costume jewellery and origami come together to make a rather simple and elegant catalogue of pins, pendants and earrings. And, in my case, the materials for it are even more modest. And it is feasible to do it with the same paper in its various forms. From patent paper, metallic paper, patterned paper, various types of cardboard and stiff fabrics to plastic and thin metal foil. It is feasible with all types of material with little plastic memory and that lends itself to fit a short series of folds.

Pearl grey bow ties in costume jewellery and origami

Pearl grey bow ties in costume jewellery and origami

The result should be a small origami figure, which in size, colour and shape is attractive and can be hung or pinned up as a costume accessory. It is also important that it does not deteriorate, for which the material used should be resistant to water. In these cases, when the figures are made of paper or derivatives, a waterproof coating is applied to the figures.

Bow ties in different sizes, materials and colours

Bow ties in different sizes, materials and colours

Origami stars

One way to make an earring design attractive is to use, for example, a geometric star pattern and contrast it with another star in a different colour. This is simple but very effective. Many geometric shapes in combination can be very attractive and elegant. Even using preliminary folding before finishing the corresponding shapes.

Costume jewellery and origami allow for this variety and combination of colours.

Costume jewellery and origami allow for this variety and combination of colours.

This is done by reusing and recycling non-degradable materials. Such as dividers from old used notebooks, card holders and sleeves made from different types of plastic.

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