What a paper! Animation and origami



The activity in this workshop consists of the creation of characters, accessories and scenery making use of the art of origami. In principle, a script from a classic story or a fable will be followed. The objective is to relate with origami in the form of illustration, comic or animation, the selected story or fable.

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Participants from 10-12 years to 18-20, and amateurs in general, this depending on the group as a whole and scope of the publication that you want to make that, reciprocally, will adapt to the average age and level of the group.


The proposed duration is of a three-month course with two sessions of an hour and a half per week (36 hours in total), although, in the case of a more elaborate script, you can opt for a six-month course with two-hour sessions a week (48 hours in total), being able to adapt the duration of the course also to the circumstances of the group and team.


– The workshop will be held on the premises by arrangement of the promoter and / or contractor. It is necessary to enable a vain work area of ​​5-6m2 as a shooting set with a natural light option.

– A minimum number of 5 participants per group is recommended so that teamwork during the workshop can be distributed in groups.

– The fungible material (folding materials) will be provided by El Atelier de Santi.


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