Origami Thematic Workshop



During the course there will be a specific production of origami (Bethlehem, floral exhibition, set scenery, etc.) and traditional and author figures will be made, previously documented in the existing bibliography, and the works will be exhibited in any event or auspicious occasion, and / or the completion of the course for the enjoyment of the public and the participants in the workshops.

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This is a workshop for participants of all types from 10-12 years to 80, but as an activity it is very appropriate as a family course, especially in Christmas, carnival, and holidays in general, because of the interaction between parents and children during the activity


The proposed duration is conditioned by the theme, being in some cases a month, such as carnivals, florals, etc., and in other cases because it is more extensive, such as the Christmas theme, the proposed duration is three months. It can also be developed as an annual course that will unfold the themes according to the temporality, that is, the first Christmas-themed quarter, Bethlehem and Christmas decorations, the second thematic quarter of carnivals and gifts for Father and Mother’s Day, etc., and the third quarter Flowers, Ingenuity and entertainment games, etc. It is proposed that the course be developed in sessions of two hours per week.


– The workshop will be held on the premises by arrangement of the promoter and / or contractor.

– A minimum number of 5 participants per group is recommended so that teamwork during the workshop can be distributed in groups.

– The fungible material (folding materials) will be provided by El Atelier de Santi.


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