Copying Masters, painting course

Copying Masters, painting course



The development of the course consists of the realization of the pictorial work following a previously chosen model from a set of masterpieces, unit works, or details of them, which will be during the making of the copy, explained and reasoned by the teacher individually .

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This practical course is aimed at artists and painting amateurs who want to learn the rudiments and secrets of the art of painting with classical painting and from masters, with very personalized follow-ups in the first steps (preparation of the support, sketch and composition ).


Starting with the choice and selection of the works to be copied and during the successive steps for their execution, the copied work and the author are known and documented, being the practice and experience doubly enriching in theory and in practice, with the final task of having the most complete and unitary knowledge of the chosen work and its author.


– Hours to be determined by the institution or claimants.

– Groups of five to twelve students per session are recommended, for a more personalized attention.

– Does not include material (it is recommended to share fungible material, oils, turpentine, etc., among the group)

– The documentation, both graphic and theoretical, will be provided and advised by the teacher.

– The course will take place in the premises determined by the collaborating institution.


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Examples in the Experience Blog:   The shelving of Velázquez of L’Atelier de Santi        The Zurbarán’s Bookshelf)

Jacques Louis David in a trompe l’oeil           The trompeloeil the Velázquez’s Cupboard