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SANTI is Santiago Ortega

Santiago Ortega, Painter, Folder, Restorer of Cultural Assets and 2D and 3D Animator

Santiago Ortega photographed by José Garrido Lapeña

Santiago Ortega photographed by José Garrido Lapeña

Santiago Ortega Sánchez-Diezma, was born in Madrid in 1961.
In 1985 Santiago entered the Higher School of Conservation and Restoration of Madrid. He concludes these studies and, from September 1988 to September 2014, works on the restoration and conservation of cultural assets.

Restoration campaign report

Restoration campaign report

From 1997 to 2000 Santiago studied at the “Fastasma” Cartoon Workshop School, directed by Emilio Luzán, and at the end of these studies he carried out intercalation and animation work for Estudios Moro y Millimeters.

In the field of art and plastic Santiago Ortega is self-taught. Combine the professional practice of restoration with the practice and constant learning of painting and drawing

He participates in associations and artistic collectives, he is a regular at studies, academies and workshops of colleagues and teachers (Gabino Amaya Cacho, Javier Pamplona, José García Herranz) for whose contribution he will always be grateful.

His first forays into the trompe l’oeil technique were made in the early eighties. With a view to achieving his goals (feigned realism), he practices oil on different supports and with a programmed steps technique that includes a previously studied composition.
A consequence of this is his current oil work on objects of home and rural furniture (doors, shutters, shutters, cabinets, etc.), representing usual and habitual belongings and scenes that highlight their ethnological significance.

He discovered his interest in origami and origami in the 90s. For this reason, it becomes a regular folder and follower of the masters of this discipline. And consequence of this learning are his current creations in origami, metalloflexia, plasticoflexia, etc.

Download HERE the curriculum of Santiago Ortega.