Toys and “trompe l’oeils” at The Santi’s Workshop”

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The toys in this trompe l’oeils

The toys that I have gathered to carry out this work have left places near and far from the author, in time I mean. Because the emotional and vital are always close to all of us who have been children.

Models for toys and games

Models for toys and games

Popularly called the one of the toys, this “trompe l’oeil” is a diptych entitled “Playful shelving”. It is formed by two painted shutters. Everyone has their own title. In principle it was going to be composed of a single table. The shutter on the right, the first one I composed, is titled “Small Bunny and his friends.” It is a nod to my daughters’ favorite childhood dolls, with which I interacted giving them voice and life. While I painted them, I felt that I was making a portrait of someone who was posing me.

Trampantojo "Conejín and his friends"

“Trompe l’oeil “Small Bunny and his friends”

The second table on the left, “The food of youth” I included to accommodate the second childhood. To Peter Pan @ s who resist being older. The moment you do not want to leave that world of imagination and fantasy, but the games begin to be more real, or you lose or win. The toys are “older”, being more didactic, without losing the function of distracting. At the same time they act as liaison and catalyst for relations with other individuals helping to forge future ones personalities.

"Trompe l'oeil" "The food of youth"

“Trompe l’oeil” “The food of youth”

I wanted to distribute the toys and games in this bookshelf in a heterogeneous way, as a collection of memories of my own and others’ childhood. The toys in principle of individual use, end up being collective as games that socialize the individual.

It is this “trompde l’oeil”, for the imagination of a child, as a community of neighbors, each of the toys with its history. But all with their role and corresponding role in the game board that is life.

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