“Velázquez’s cupboard”

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“Velázquez’s cupboard” is a trompe l’oeil on an old sliding door where I represent objects painted by Velázquez in his youth.

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“Velázquez’s Cupboard” is a trompe l’oeil that I painted in oil on a sliding door of an old wardrobe (1950s). I prepared this support and applied a base primer to paint the work. The work represents objects painted by Velázquez in the works of his youth that I have kept copied on a fake shelf. This work was selected for the I International Painting Competition “Jacinto del Caso”, July 2022, Borja, Zaragoza.

Genesis of the work “Velázquez’s Cupboard”.

■ Title: Alacena de Velázquez

■ Technique: Oil on antique sliding door

■ Size: 138’5 x 62 cm

■ Price: Original 2000 €.

Additional information

Dimensions 138,5 × 3 × 62 cm


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