“The harvest” rep

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“Harvest” rep is the reproduction of the original trompe l’oeil by means of photographic printing on high density polyurethane foam sheet.

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“The harvest” rep is a high-definition photographic reproduction, real scale 1:1, with an 8-colour toner, on a high-density expanded polyurethane support that also reproduces the silhouette characteristics of the support, resulting in a completely identical print to the original set.

The photographic record for reproduction by José Garrido Lapeña

■ Title: The harvest

■ Technique: High-definition photographic print, real scale 1:1, on silhouetted high-density expanded polyurethane sheet.

■ Size: 131,5 x 67 cm

■ Price: 160 € / Reproduction on original shutter 1 / Available 1 x 160 €/unit

Additional information

Dimensions 68 × 1,5 × 131,5 cm


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