“Painting a trompe l’oeil” (30 h)

578,51  "VAT included".

“Painting a trompe l’oeil” is a workshop for the creation of an old-fashioned trompe l’oeil, chosen and/or designed by the participants themselves.

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“Painting a trompe l’oeil” (30 hours) is a 30-hour monographic workshop that consists of making a trompe l’oeil in the old-fashioned way, following a model from nature, previously chosen and composed by the participant, or according to a model designed by the participant himself, if he has previously conceived it.

Price of the workshop for groups:

700 €/h (30 hours)

Does not include material (group workshop proposed, see page 11).

In case of travel and/or accommodation:

*plus travel 20 €/h (includes transport costs) El Atelier de Santi has 3 centres of operations, Bilbao (Vizcaya), Madrid (Madrid) and Zaragoza (Zaragoza), the calculation for travel time will be made according to the nearest centre of operations.

**plus accommodation 25€/day (including meals) The calculation to apply the accommodation bonus will be made for distances of more than 100 kilometres from the nearest operations centre.

***Adaptation of the programme to the client or promoter. Santi’s Atelier will study the different ways of distributing the schedules and times of the workshop to adapt them to the client’s preferences.


– Preparation of the support, preparation base
– Composition and lighting
– Stain, grisaille, chiaroscuro, light and colour, shine and reflections.
– Varnishing and protection

Quota of participants (5-10):

The most appropriate number of participants is between 5 and 10 participants per group for better personalised attention.

Example in the Experience Blog;

Painting a trompe l’oeil in El Atelier de Santi

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