Introductory course in the art of Origami 2h (Groups)

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Introductory course in the art of Origami:

in which several traditional and signature figures will be made, previously programmed by the instructor and which will be easy and accessible to fold in the set time session.

The materials:

which will be provided by the company, mainly kraft paper, patent leather and other varieties, are reversible, recyclable and completely harmless.

Aimed at:

participants from 8 to 80 years old. And also recommended for families (fathers and mothers with their children).

Participation quota:

Recommended groups between 5 and 12 participants (no less than 5).

Group price:

60 €/h (minimum 90€ registration fee 1,30 hours , includes materials) *plus travel 20 €/h (includes transport costs), **plus accommodation 50€/day (includes meals).

* El Atelier de Santi has 3 operation centres, Bilbao (Bizkaya), Madrid (Madrid) and Borja (Zaragoza), the calculation for the travel time will be made according to the nearest operation centre.

** The calculation to apply the accommodation bonus will be made for distances of more than 100 kilometres from the nearest centre of operations.


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