“H. W. Claesz’s shelf”

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“H. W. Cleasz’s shelf” is an oil trompe l’oeil painted on an old shutter where I keep fragments of paintings by the Dutch master.

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“H. W. Claesz’s shelf” is a trompe l’oeil that I painted in oil on wood. The support is the panels of an old shutter. This base was previously prepared and primed for painting. The motif of the work is a tribute to the painter W. Van Claesz. I have painted fragments of his works as copies and kept them on a fake shelf.

■ Title: H. W. Claesz’s shelf

■ Technique: Oil on an antique shutter

■ Size: 100 x 35 cm

■ Price: Original 700 €

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Dimensions 39 × 3 × 88 cm


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