“Gazpacho” rep en

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“Gazpacho” rep is a photographic print of the original in high definition, real scale 1:1, on high density expanded polyurethane sheet.

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■ “Gazpacho” rep en is the reproduction of the original trompe l’oeil by means of high definition photographic printing, real scale 1:1, on a silhouetted high density expanded polyurethane plate. The motif is the ingredients and objects related to the preparation and consumption of this popular Spanish dish.

The photographic archive for the reproduction of José Garrido Lapeña

■ Title: Gazpacho

■ Technique: High-definition photographic print, real scale 1:1, on silhouetted high-density expanded polyurethane sheet.

■ Size: 81 x 52 cm

■ Price: 130 € / Series 2 reproductions / Available 1 x 130 €/piece.

Additional information

Dimensions 54 × 1,5 × 81 cm


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