Animation and origami WHAT A ROLE! (40h)

680,00  "VAT included".

Animation and Origami is an Origami workshop that combines the skills of origami and animated video. A 100% practical workshop full of challenges.

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Animation and origami WHAT A ROLE!:

A workshop within the discipline of Origami, but which combines the skills of origami and animated video. One of the 100% practical workshops full of challenges and ingenuity. It consists of creating characters, props and scenery using the art of origami. Following a short script, the selected script will be narrated in the form of a video-animation (detailed explanation).

Price of the workshop:

680€/h (40 hours , includes materials).

In case of travel and/or accommodation:

*plus travel 20 €/h (includes transport costs) L’Atelier de Santi has 3 centres of operations, Bilbao (Vizcaya), Madrid (Madrid) and Zaragoza (Zaragoza), the calculation for travel time will be made according to the nearest centre of operations.

**The calculation to apply the accommodation bonus will be made for distances of more than 100 kilometres from the nearest operations centre.

***Adaptation of the programme to the client or promoter. L’Atelier de Santi will study the different ways of distributing the schedules and times of the workshop to adapt them to the client’s preferences.

The materials:

which will be provided by the company, mainly various types of paper, reversible, recyclable and totally harmless, video editing software and optionally laptops and tablets to interact.

Aimed at:

participants all types from 14 years old, the ratio of young people from 14 to 30 years old makes the group more homogeneous for teamwork. This modality of work is a fundamental practice.

Participation quota:

Thematic course recommended groups between 5 and 12 participants (no less than 7).

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